By John Blackstone, CBS News

A TASTE OF SUMMER is again on our morning menu: a delicacy harvested by trained scavengers, as John Blackstone will show us:

It begins with a snap of the head. A little dog circles, nose to the ground, then turns back. It catches the scent again and snorts.
Tiny paws dig in the loose duff. Suddenly, a small white lump is upturned. “Good girl!” cries Melanie Fast, the little dog’s owner.

Melanie lifts the new find to her nose and inhales. “There’s a mushroom smell there, just a really fresh earthiness, fruity, nutty.” She pauses, searches for more words and then laughs. “I can’t get enough of it!”

In her hand is a truffle. Specifically, an Oregon winter white. To be honest, it doesn’t look like much to get excited about: think of a soft, stinky golf ball-shaped lump of fungus. But to chefs and truffle aficionados — this find is culinary gold.

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Krista Simmons blogs about her visit to the Oregon Truffle Festival…

Truffles are one of the world’s most expensive luxury foods out there, rivaling foie gras and caviar. You might be aware of their high price tags, but did you know that there are truffles that are native to the United States? Or that any dog breed can be trained to hunt them? (My little buddy Bento just might have a new job soon.)

I traveled to Eugene, Oregon for the Oregon Truffle Festival and the first ever Joriad truffle dog competition to learn about the blossoming American truffle industry, and compiled a quick video with 5 fun facts you might not know about these umami-rich mushrooms. Take that to trivia night!

The Truffle Hunt | Original Fare | PBS Food

Tyler Malek will be at the Truffle Marketplace in Eugene on Sunday, January 25 with his truffled ice cream!

Oregon is famous for its truffles, and a festival dedicated to the underground delicacy gets under way on Thursday. The Oregon Truffle Festival celebrates those who hunt truffles and all the ways to cook with this special ingredient. Salt and Straw, an ice cream shop based out of Portland, created a new truffle-based ice cream treat specifically for the fest… Read the entire piece by 

See Tyler Malek speak about the truffled ice cream he created for Friday’s Walk on the Wild Side!