Charles Lefevre & Dante - Photo by Gregor Halenda

Nonprofit & Board

Nonprofit Mission & Board

OTF has always been mission driven, with the dual purpose of promoting the glorious native culinary truffles found in abundance in Oregon’s Willamette Valley to truffle lovers worldwide, and establishing a collaborative educational and information sharing hub for the dynamic North American cultivated truffle industry.

The Oregon Truffle Festival mission:

  • Promote a wider appreciation of the culinary uses for truffles through cooking classes and collaboration with chefs and culinary students to position Oregon truffles as equals to the finest truffles in the world, while promoting a vibrant seasonal food culture.
  • Support grower knowledge of best practices for truffle farming through educational seminars, international collaboration with scientists and farmers, and field research of cultivated orchards.
  • Support and develop the advancement of domestic truffle cultivation, production, and distribution as a viable agricultural and agritourism enterprise, job creator, and economic stimulator for both the state of Oregon, and throughout North America.
  • Engage culinary influencers and tastemakers, both domestic and international, to serve as advocates and ambassadors of Oregon truffles, Oregon artisan food products and ingredients, and Oregon as an epicenter of culinary tourism.
  • Grow demand for extended, multi-day travel throughout the state by hosting festival events throughout the Willamette Valley, Oregon’s truffle region.

If you would like to support OTF's work with a tax deductible donation, please send a check to The Oregon Truffle Festival at P.O.Box 5275, Eugene OR 97405. On-line donations via PayPal will be available soon.

Board of Directors

Cheryl Crumbley
Darrel Kau
Dr. Charles Lefevre
Maxine Borcherding
Megan Carda