The Latest From the Oregon Truffle Festival

A Treasure Trove of Truffles


Sniffing out the diamonds of the kitchen


truffle-hunting-paola-thomas-photography-4-of-8It’s a chilly February morning, and we are out walking through the woods near Issaquah. A gauzy veil of wintry sunshine hangs like gossamer around the treetops, the forest smells damp and inviting, and Stella and Lidia, two adorably moptopped dogs, scamper through the undergrowth at breakneck speed, so excited and joyful that you can practically see the smiles on their faces. I’m somewhat worried about breaking my neck as well, as two neon-bright leashes, which the dogs trail behind them so they can be instantly spotted, hiss and flash across my path. But we’re out on a treasure hunt, and I’m almost as excited as the dogs.

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