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OTF Photo by David Barajas

The Big Deal With Truffles


Admit It, You’ve Always Wondered What the Big Deal Is With Truffles

Published On 11/11/2019

It all started with truffle queso. Nobody Told Me chef/owner Nick Pfannerstill’s gooey, fragrant high/low snack hooked me, and as I swirled an endive spear around the fragrant, molten pot of gold, I got to thinking: Why don’t I know more about truffles?

It’s probably because they’re hella expensive — but also because to admit you know nothing (Jon Snow) about truffles is to reveal a certain lack of sophistication. They’re something you order at fancy restaurants, and that’s long given them an unfashionably aspirational reputation. But truffles are back, and I’m seeing them in friendlier contexts, like Pfannerstill’s queso, with integrity and respect for the ingredient.

But still, when you shell out to have a fresh knob grated over your pasta, what are you supposed to be tasting, exactly? How can you tell if it’s… good? What if you tried them and thought they tasted dusty? What are you supposed to be experiencing, exactly?

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