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The Latest From the Oregon Truffle Festival

Pungent Partnership


The euphoric match of truffle and wine pairings

By Paul Omundson | Published December 2016

It’s a fragrant, pungent partnership: truffles and wine.

And the flavors of both combine for unforgettable pairings.

“It’s a euphoric match,” says Steve Baker, owner of Authentica Wines. There are a lot of intriguing possibilities.

Baker recommends pairing a strong black French truffle, such as the périgord—which goes well with bold flavors—with Cahors, a southwestern French red, made from native malbec grapes. He notes that Argentinian malbec has evolved into a much different wine, more fruit-forward. That’s why he specifically cites Cahors, which is dark, earthy, and tannic, making it an excellent truffle match. Oregon black truffles work well too, but they’re milder and more delicate than French versions.

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