The Latest From the Oregon Truffle Festival

St. Jack's restaurant truffle martini

Perfect Truffle Martini


This truffle-inspired cocktail comes from the St. Jack. Restaurant in Portland, OR. Best made featuring Bull Run Distilling’s truffle-infused Medoyeff vodka.

Truffles have always been some of the more sought after and amazing products to come from our Oregon forests. Seeing a company like Bull Run harness their amazing savory qualities into a vodka just brings a smile to my face. This cocktail is just me, going the simple route, trying to make a tasty savory cocktail, which is not exactly my normal forte. Really I’m just trying to show the beauty of this spirit. That was my mission. In addition, this vodka also makes one of the best damn Bloody Marys I’ve had in a long time.

Charlie Dorst, bartender


  • 2 oz Truffle Vodka
  • 1 oz Dolin Dry Vermouth
  • Barspoon Kümmel
  • 5 drops saline solution

Stir and serve up. Mist glass with Kümmel and garnish with a cocktail onion.