Cooking with Truffles

No matter where the conversation about truffles takes us, there is one ultimate destination for this highly prized ingredient, on the palate. There are many ways to enjoy a truffle in your cuisine, from the simple addition of fresh truffles shaved on a hot entree, to intricately layering truffle infused ingredients in all sorts of sophisticated dishes. The art of revealing the delicious secrets that truffles have to offer begins with fresh, ripe and properly harvested truffles in the hands of a chef with the knowledge of the best local ingredients to pair them with. Add in a few techniques that help capture the ethereal flavors and aromas of your truffles, and you can be creating fabulous truffle dishes in your own kitchen in no time. Here are some tips for the care and handling of your truffles and a sampling of a few of favorite recipes to get you started.