2 Day Truffle Dog Training

Sold Out
  • Date: January 25th & 26th, 2019
  • Time: 7:00am January 25th through 4:00pm January 26th
  • Location: The Eugene Hilton, 66 E 6th Ave, Eugene
  • Price: $595 – 1 dog, 1 person, or $795 for 1 dog, 2 persons
  • Available à la carte

The Oregon Truffle Festival is proud to have established The Truffle Dog Training Seminar, the first event of its kind in North America. If you’re interested in teaching your dog to hunt truffles, our Truffle Dog Training Seminar is the perfect opportunity. You and your dog can both observe the handling and training of skilled truffle dogs, and learn how to detect the scent of valuable ripe truffles.

This singular event begins on Friday January 25 in the classroom with lectures on canine scent detection and the fundamentals of scent training, as well as practical sessions with your dog at the dog-friendly festival headquarters hotel. On the second day of training, participants and their dogs have a one of a kind opportunity to engage in an authentic hunt for wild truffles in their natural habitat. While we cannot guarantee 100% success finding truffles on day 2, we do guarantee a high-value learning experience, and a lot of fun for you and your dog.

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