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Christine Fischer

Sitka Services

Christine Fischer is a forest ecologist based in Aranda de Duero, Spain and loves working with mycorrhizal fungi. She has a Forest Science background from Oregon State University and worked in Spain at the Forest Science Centre of Catalonia CTFC for 20 years in research projects focusing on the ecologic and economic values of forest fungi. Her contributions to methods and protocols for the certification of seedlings for truffle cultivation have been a primary project within the Agricultural Extension Service at CTFC in the Black Truffle Program. She has coordinated several international programs for technology transfer through workshops and technical visits with black truffle growers from Australia, the USA and Turkey. Christine teaches specialized courses on microscopic and molecular techniques for the study of ectomycorrhizal fungi and has participated in numerous national and international projects and meetings, publishing more than 40 scientific and educational articles. Several years ago, she began offering ecotours for truffle and mushroom hunting in Spain to give curious travellers an opportunity for exploring the unique rural landscapes of interior Spain, especially where truffles and mushrooms bring together ecology, culture and gastronomy.