Bob Walker

K-9 Behavior Company

Bob Walker is a retired Firefighter and worked for 25 years in the Portland (Oregon) Fire Bureau. He also was in Hazmat, Dive Recovery, Confined Space Rescue, Trench Rescue, & High-Angle Rope Rescue. He was a safety officer for 20 years and finished the last 4 years of his career at the training center training new fire department recruits.

Bob held an Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association Certified SAR Personnel Certificate for 15 years and supported K9 teams in ‘Wilderness Air Scent’ ‘Trailing’ ‘Cadaver’ and ‘Water Recovery’ training & operations. While retired from SAR, Bob is sought after in K9 SAR circles to help handlers solve training & performance problems particularly in water recovery disciplines.

Bob currently co-owns & operates Tuckers Oregon Truffles LLC, a company that produces naturally gas-infused truffle oil from dog-harvested Oregon truffles. He developed a unique process that makes some of the best truffle oil in the industry using only dog-harvested truffles and only the specific truffles identified by the dog! There is no raking or harvesting adjoining areas for other truffles which are still immature.

Bob lives with his wife Deb and dogs ‘Roger’ & ‘Dotty’, a poodle & poodle mix who are great little truffle hunters. Bob has taught at the Oregon Truffle Festival every year since 2012 helping each student bring out the best truffle hunting skills in their dogs.